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CSS Travel Awards Program for 2006-2007

The College of Social Sciences has once again set aside a limited amount of funds for travel support from overhead monies generated by extramural grants and contracts awarded to faculty members in our College. The purpose of the travel awards is to promote research by supporting travel to conferences, training programs, and other events that facilitate professional development in research. Please read the following guidelines carefully before completing the application.


Terms and Eligibility

1. The maximum amount of CSS travel support is $2,000 per person.


2. Each person is eligible for only one CSS travel award during a 12-month period (i.e., November 16, 2006-November 15, 2007).


3. Those who receive travel support from other University sources for the same trip are not eligible. CSS travel support, however, may be supplemented by funds from extramural grants and contracts.


4. Travel support is limited to the cost of a round-trip economy airfare, conference or workshop fee, ground transportation, and per diem.


Criteria for Travel Support

1. Applications will be rated from high to low priority in the following order: (1) presenting an accepted conference paper (only one author will be supported for a co-authored paper); (2) organizing and chairing a research panel or symposium at a conference; (3) participating in a training program specifically designed for professional development in research; and (4) special purpose, e.g., to receive a prestigious research award. The quality and significance of the presentation, conference, or other purpose for which travel support is sought will be evaluated in determining priority.


2. Priority will be given to junior faculty members, followed by senior faculty members, graduate students, APTs, and Lecturers.


Procedures for Submitting Applications and Allocation Funds

1. Complete the attached application and forward the application packet to your department chair for a recommendation and a signature. Submit the original and 2 copies of the application form and required supporting documents to Judith lnazu, SSRI, Saunders Hall 704, by the application due date indicated below.


2. Applications are reviewed by a committee selected from faculty members serving on the CSS Research Council. Funding is competitive and the committee may recommend partial funding.


3. Applications will be due four times a year, on November 15, 2006, February 15, 2007, May 15, 2007, and August 15, 2007. Applications can cover travel anytime during the 12-month period for this travel program (November 16, 2006 - November 15, 2007). Requests for retroactive reimbursements are generally discouraged.


The attached files contain the guidelines and application form for the College Travel Funds for Professional Development in Research for 2006-2007.


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