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College Travel Funds for Professional Development in Research, Fall 2008

Guidelines for applying for travel funds from the College of Social Sciences have just released. Unlike previous years, these guidelines are applicable only for Fall 2008. The expectation is that campus-wide travel funds (administered by the University Research Council) will devolve down to the units in early Spring 2009. If this occurs, each school, college, or similar major unit would be allocated what they have typically received in past years and be required to administer the application, review, and award process. Hence, we are administering the college's travel award program in Fall 2008 only, in case we have to administer the larger URC travel program. If URC travel funds are not transferred to the units, the college's travel program will likely continue in Spring 2009, contingent upon approval by the Dean and the Council of Chairs and Directors.


Each year, the College of Social Sciences has allocated a limited amount of funds for travel support from overhead monies generated by extramural grants and contracts awarded to faculty members in our College. The purpose of the travel awards is to promote research by supporting travel to conferences, training programs, and other events that facilitate professional development in research. The maximum award is $2,000 and priority is given to junior faculty, followed by senior faculty. Graduate students, APTs, and lecturers are also eligible to apply. Applications are due on October 10, 2008 (click here for a copy of the application).


ORS Form 5

The University of Hawaii, Office of Research Services (ORS) frequently makes changes to their Proposal and Contract Coordination Record Form which is commonly referred to as the "ORS Form 5." The current version is always available at the ORS website and can be downloaded for your convenience.


Over the past year, several changes have been made to the certification section of the form. However, the most noticeable change has been the addition of a section for the inclusion of "Multiple Principal Investigators" for proposals. While a "lead" Principal Investigator is still required, it is now possible to record several individuals. ORS has also developed an accompanying ORS Form 5c which should be utilized for projects with multiple principal investigators. The ORS Form 5c provides a format to submit additional information and to obtain departmental and College approval for the use of multiple principal investigators.


Other ORS Requirements

In an attempt to provide a more efficient and timely review of proposals for extramural funding, the University of Hawaii Office of Research Services (ORS) recently distributed a request to UH Departments for an advance listing of proposals that may be submitted by Principal Investigators during the current month. ORS requires that proposals be submitted at least five working days prior to the proposal due date imposed by the funding agency. As late submissions are a chronic problem, ORS is attempting to reduce the burden on their operations by implementing procedures which will allow them to better organize their resources to deal with these issues.



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