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InfoEd: UH Grants Management System

The University of Hawaii is working on implementing the InfoEd grants management system designed to assist P. I. s and project staff develop and track their grant proposals. The Social Science Research Institute, along with other selected units at UH, is participating in pilot testing this system with the Office of the Vice-President for Research. This system has been in development at UH over the past two years and will provide a multitude of features that will help Principal Investigators seek funding opportunities, develop proposals, and electronically submit proposals.


InfoEd, Inc. is the leading provider of software solutions for managing sponsored programs. The InfoEd suite includes: Proposal Development; Proposal Tracking; Project Management; Compliance Systems; Clinical Trials Management; and Technology Transfer modules. UH has invested in the Proposal Development and Tracking modules. Some of the features include: searching funding opportunities, extensive proposal and budget development tools, an on-line approval process by the institution that potentially replaces the ORS Form 5, and the ability to configure the InfoEd data into agency specific formats (for major federal funding agencies) for proposal submission.


During the past week, the Office of the Vice-President for Research conducted a session designed to introduce the InfoEd system to current P. I. s in the College of Social Sciences. SSRI will keep faculty and staff members informed as implementation of the system progresses.  If you have any questions regarding implementation of InfoEd at UH, please contact Jennifer Pavelec, Office of the Vice-President for Research (email:


Recipients of 2006-2007 Research Support Awards

This past year, a total of $48,773 was awarded to six faculty members who applied for Research Support Grants from the College of Social Sciences (see table below). Ten applications totaling more than $91,000 were received. The maximum amount of an award was $10,000. The purpose of this program is to support research activities that have strong potential for generating new or continued extramural funding. A sub-committee consisting of Dr. Peter Garrod (Associate Dean of Graduate Division), Dr. Sun-Ki Chai, Dr. Charles Mueller, and Dr. Judith Inazu reviewed the applications and forwarded their recommendations to the dean for approval.  



Proposal Title

Chorpita, Bruce
Evaluation of Anxiety and Negative Emotions in School Children
Dellis, Arnaud
Whether Duverger's Law: An Experiment
La Croix, Sumner
Hawaii Population Project
Sophian, Catherine
Developing Knowledge About Quantitative Relations: Differentiating Numerical From Continuous-Quantity Comparison Process
Spencer, James
Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning/Political Science
Developing a UHM Center for the Study of Migration and Development in Pacific Asia
Xu, Yiyuan
Early Schooling of Immigrant Children



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