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Staff News

New Staff Member Joins SSRI

Please welcome aboard a new staff member to SSRI - Glenn Daquel. Glenn is the new Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist providing support on contracts and grants for SSRI. He is formerly from the Department of Budget and Finance, Employers Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) and prior to that he worked as a budget analyst with the Hawaii State Legislature, Ways and Means Committee. Glenn has a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the UH-Manoa's College of Business Administration.


RCUH Facilitators to the Rescue

Last Fall, the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) initiated an experimental program designed to provide grant administration support to Principal Investigators (PIs) in select colleges at UH Manoa. The purpose of the RCUH Facilitators program is to assist PIs in securing and managing research and training contracts and grants, and to document the business process for grant administration in participating colleges. As a participant in this program, the College of Social Sciences has been assigned three facilitators, and SSRI's fiscal staff is providing grant administration training. Facilitators were also assigned to the School of Medicine, and the School for Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology, two research-intensive units. Professor Dharm Bhawuk from the College of Business Administration oversees this program and supervises all RCUH Facilitators throughout the campus.


The RCUH Facilitators are business students from UH who were recruited and are funded by RCUH. SSRI's facilitators are senior undergraduate business majors, Ms. Namrata Gurung, who majors in Human Resource Management and International Business, and Mr. Justin Purcell, who majors in Finance. Since Justin is graduating this December, a new "Facilitator-in-Training", Mr. Jaime Uota, who majors in Marketing, has joined the team. Justin and Namrata began their training by working with only a handful of PIs. They have become so efficient and adept at their jobs, however, that they now serve eleven PIs.


The facilitators work with PIs and their staff in providing pre- and post-award support. Some of the post-award transactions include initiating travel documents, facilitating procurement of project equipment, keeping track of budget accounts, and recruitment and hiring of project staff. They are also required to "map" out the steps involved in executing these transactions so others will be able to execute similar transactions. The College and SSRI are grateful for their assistance and support.


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