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Staff News

Aloha and Congratulations to Nate Lee!

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the departure of one of the SSRI Administrative Officers, Nathan Lee, in mid-April. Nate has accepted a newly-created position with Lyon Arboretum, which reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. As the Administrative Officer for Lyon Arboretum, Nate will have primary responsibility for all fiscal and administrative operations such as personnel, budgeting, extramural awards, facilities, etc. We congratulate Nate on his promotion and wish him well in his new position!


Nate has been with the SSRI family for nearly 7 years, and has contributed to SSRI operations in ways that go beyond the usual job description for an administrative officer. He has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the SSRI database of contracts and grants awarded to CSS faculty, which has been a major undertaking. Nate has also devoted a great deal of thought, time, and energy to the creation and updating of the SSRI website, and in keeping abreast of new technological initiatives in sponsored research, such as InfoEd and


SSRI has begun the process of recruiting to fill this critical position. In the meantime, the remaining administrative officers, Cal Fujioka and David Matsuda, will be servicing projects administered by Nate. Faculty and staff members who normally work with Nate should submit project documents and requests for assistance to Christine Yakabu-Muramoto, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist, at 956-9921 or


SSRI Committees: Research Council, Travel Awards, and Research Support Grants

Throughout the year, SSRI relies on many faculty members in the College of Social Sciences for advice and recommendations on strengthening the research mission of the college. These committees are appointed by and report directly to the director of SSRI. There are three standing committees (CSS Research Council, Travel Awards Sub-committee, and Research Support Grants Sub-committee) that are active throughout the year, as well as a few ad hoc committees appointed by SSRI's director as needed.


The College of Social Sciences Research Council reviews what the College recovers in overhead funds (indirect costs of extramurally funded grants and contracts) each fiscal year and makes recommendations to SSRI's director and the dean for expenditure of those funds. The Research Council also provides advice and counsel to SSRI's director and the dean on other issues related to sponsored projects in the college. Members of the 2006-2007 Research Council are:


Dr. Carl Bonham, Economics
Dr. Sun-Ki Chai, Sociology
Ms. Annette Chang, Dean's Office
Dr. Thomas Giambelluca, Geography (Fall, 2006)
Dr. Judith Inazu, SSRI
Dr. Velma Kameoka, SSRI Director, Research Council Chair
Mr. David Matsuda, SSRI
Dr. Charles Mueller, Psychology
Dr. Jason Schiffman, Psychology
Dr. Ross Sutherland, Geography (Spring, 2007)
Dr. Mike Wylie, MHSRET/SSRI
Dr. Bill Wood, Sociology


Two sub-committees of the Research Council are the Travel Awards Sub-committee and the Research Support Grants Sub-committee. The Travel Awards Sub-committee meets four times a year to review applications for travel support and to recommend recipients of this award to the dean for approval. Members of the Travel Awards Sub-committee are Dr. Carl Bonham, Dr. Jason Schiffman, and Dr. Judith Inazu. The Research Support Sub-committee meets annually to review applications for mini-grants and make their recommendations to the dean (see related story, which includes a list of sub-committee members, elsewhere in this issue).


We are truly grateful to the faculty members who serve on the Research Council and these sub-committees.


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