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Workshops & Seminars

Budget Development Workshop a Success

Presenting to a packed room of faculty, students, and staff, SSRI fiscal officers Cal Fujioka, David Matsuda, and Nate Lee (now at Lyon Arboretum), covered the "nuts and bolts" of developing a budget for grant proposals. On-line resources and web links were reviewed, and a packet of materials and handouts were provided to each attendee, so the information would be at their finger tips when working on the budget.


Cal, David, and Nate also reviewed and compiled a list of "Common Mistakes & Helpful Hints", and put together a worksheet of definitions of the most common terms used in budget development. Byfar, one of the most useful tools they provided was a form-fillable budget template they developed, which is a useful device for experimenting with and calculating budget figures in different categories (e.g., personnel, travel, supplies).


Attendees who completed an evaluation form gave the workshop an overall rating of excellent. Some of the open ended suggestions for improving the workshop include:

  • Require department chair attendance
  • More advance training: Specialize in specific aspects such as personnel, budget, Form 5, etc. as each requires special attention to detail
  • Link presentations with handouts distributed, i.e., mention which topic(s) presenter is presenting and refer to which handout(s)
  • Consider morning session


Suggestions for future SSRI workshops include: explaining purchasing justifications and cost reasonableness;; submitting proposals to federal agencies; procurement process; and getting clues from grant announcements that would help shape the proposal.

Orientation to SSRI for New Faculty

SSRI held its annual "pau hana" orientation for new faculty in late September. Over drinks and pupus on a late Friday afternoon, new faculty members had the opportunity to meet the fiscal officer responsible for their respective departments and other staff and administrators in SSRI. Director Velma Kameoka introduced the faculty to SSRI's website. This orientation meeting provided information on links to useful sites, and on the "ins and outs" of the grant application and grant administration processes. This was also an opportunity for new faculty to meet one another, to describe their research interests to SSRI and faculty colleagues, and to seek clarification on questions about sponsored research at UH.


The new faculty who attended were Aya Kimura (Women's Studies), Adrian Dunn (Psychology), Seio Nakajima (Sociology), Carole Petersen (Peace Institute), Qi Chen (Geography), and Makena Coffman (DURP). SSRI staff enjoyed meeting them and learning about their research interests.


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