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Core Staff


Judith K. Inazu,

Acting Director

Rose-Anne Allen,

Research Services

Calvin Fujioka,

Fiscal Administrator

David Matsuda,

Fiscal Administrator

Candace Shimabuku,

Administrative Officer

Christine Yakabu-Muramoto,

Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist

Hanalei Abbott ,

Social Sciences Grant Development Specialist

Jodi Yamasaki,

Research Services



Programs & Centers

Center for Oral History

Center for Youth Research

Hui ĎAina Momona

Office for Evaluation and Needs Assessment Service

Social Sciences Grant Development Office (GDO)

  • Hanalei Abbott, Social Sciences Grant Development Specialist (956-6463)


University of Hawai‘i Economic Research Organization (UHERO)




Hawai‘i Coral Reef Initiative Research Program (HCRI)

Hawai‘i Hazard Mitigation

Research and Evaluation in Public Safety Project (REPS)

  • Edward Suarez, Principal Investigator
  • Paula Chun, REPS Project Manager



Research Affiliates