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Past Projects

  • Crime, Drug Abuse, Youth Problems, and Poverty
    Projects in this area focus on the over-representation of minorities in the juvenile justice system; developing and testing delinquency prevention strategies; youth gang behavior and youth gang response systems; substance abuse and drug policy; prenatal addiction services; coping skills of youth with disabilities; status of women and children; welfare reform; early childhood education; educational achievement; school-community relations; and other youth and family related services. The Center for Youth Research focuses on this program area.
  • Culture, Language and Social Problems
    Projects in this area focus on native and immigrant populations in Hawai`i, the Pacific Islands, and Asia and their attempts to address cultural, economic, educational, political and social issues in a multi-cultural setting; oral histories of communities in transition and maintaining cultural identity; ethnicity and human resource development; Hawaiian Creole English and discourse; second-language acquisition in classrooms; language revival among indigenous people; adaptation, accommodation and conflict in Hawai`i; and inter-ethnic communications problems and conflict. The Center for Oral History and the Center for Second Language Research focus on this program area.
  • Health Services and Health Policy
    Projects in this area focus on improving health services and delivery systems; providing effective services to multi-cultural and multi-lingual populations; improving interdisciplinary collaboration in health care; health system staff retention; health financing; coping with long-term disability; and HIV/AIDS. This program area is the focus of SSRI's Health and Social
  • Resource Management, Sustainable Development, and Futures Research
    Projects in this area focus on coral reef management, fisheries development and management; ecological restoration; improving coastal zone and ocean resource management; policy and planning options for global climate variability and change; mitigating the risks of natural disasters; studies of the economies of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region; environmental information scanning, envisioning preferred futures workshops; scenario building; strategic and long range planning for government agencies and public institutions; appropriate dispute resolution procedures for judiciaries; law and technology in the 21st Century; telecommunication and technology futures; and curriculum development for futures studies. The Hawai`i Research Center for Futures Studies, the UH Economic Research Organization, and the Statewide Hazard Mitigation Forum work in this program area.